Start Somewhere. Anywhere.

Getting lost will help you find yourself. -Holstee Manifesto

I have been looking over this blank space for over an hour now, sitting at an empty bar with a clear notepad to my left, and a half glass of cider to my right, thinking where I should start. What should I write about? What are the things I can contribute that will serve as a catalyst to hold genuine conversations. At some point, I paused and asked myself two basic questions, “Why am I doing this?” “What am I doing it for?” I took a moment to reflect, and immediately I thought about the suffering that I have endured and the struggles I have yet to face, and after a while, I came to an understanding within myself that all I wanted to do was write all about it. In hopes that the readers I eventually reach out to will find inspiration in my words and the courage within themselves to start over again and realize that everything will eventually be all alright.

I have always used writing as a tool to express my emotions, it has always been used as an outlet, and I figured in light of all the recent events occurring in my life, the perfect time to make use of my experiences and to write about it is NOW. Ultimately, this will serve as a place for people who, as cliche as it may sound, have been lost and are looking to not be found by anyone else, but to find oneself.

Thank You for taking your time in reading this and I hope you will find whatever it is you’re searching for whether it may be emotionally, mentally or spiritually, through the stories that I will be sharing.